Monday, 30 April 2012

Wish list #1

So... sometime in the last couple weeks I lost my liquid eyeliner and I missed it SO MUCH  I noticed just how much I really used it and I literally cannot live without a black liner anymore!! Used my Kohl one but it really smudged (because it's supposed to be really good on smoky-eye) and I had to sharpen it's tip about... once every 2 days which is just outrageous and a huge waste of my precious time!! In that point I'd like to get two of these : one in black and one in brown

Wish #1 is pretty much justified. Wish #2 isn't really justifiable anyways .... Just saw Zoe's and Louise's video on Shop Louella ( sorry for the overdose of links ) and the idea that I was having before that I own way to little make-up brushes just took a form of their "Smokey-Eye" brush kit because I really just have one eyeshadow, one blending and two face brushes!! That's unbelievable right?? The thing is I find most brushes just too expensive here but five brushes for £22 is such a good deal!! Besides, I don't really know how to apply cream eye shadows unless with my fingers and that's quite imprecise. So, there's wish #2

Last but not least, I've been obsessed about the Jeffrey Campbell boots but I can't justify spending even 50euro (in a look-a-like) in such high heeled boots because lets face it, I'll NOT be wearing them every single day - far from that. But they're really gorgeous and such a strong statement piece... I mean, look at these beauties!!

Hope everyone's having a good day, thank you so much for reading commenting and following!!

Lots of love xxxx

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Update - UK trip

These are some picts of my trip to wales :) Sadly I might have lost my camera in a Museum in Swansea (and that will indeed make it hard to post as musch... but I'll try to review wthe things I bought)

So here they are :

 So here are my toileteries, my make-up bag and my luggage. I was travelling with only hand luggage so that's the reason for the little transparent bag.

 Crabbie's Ginger Beer, Costa tea and Purple Moose were my best-est friends during this trip !!

Some of the beautiful treats 

A couple of my outfits 

Liverpool Phylarmonic, the Station of Betws-y-Coed, a beautiful swan in Felinheli, Felinheli's lawns and the breath-taking sight from the plain ( I do love my fluffy clouds and a beautiful sunset !!)

And I'm affraid that's all I have to show. Although having few pictures made it easier to choose the picts for this post, my heart aches for the hunsdreds of pictures that were in my camera which is unfortunatly lost. That also makes me posting a bit harder because I'll have to take pictures with my phone ... But I'll try!!

Thank your for reading commenting and following!! Lots of love

Friday, 20 April 2012

Face/Outfit of the day 19th April

Face - Garnier BB cream in light + Garnier lightener in light + Boujois Brown mascara + lipbalm
OOTD - Zara :) 

Really liked this light make up look and wanted to share it with you. I'm levaing to Faro tonight and decided to post this just in case I can´t mannage to post any while I'm the UK. My outift is really plain and uninteresting but this is what I wore today so... yeah !!

Thank you so much for readding, following and commenting. Lots of love xxxxx

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

UK's wish-list

So, this Friday I'm leaving for Liverpool ( packing post coming soon ) to visit my sister and while I'm there I really want to get some shopping done :)  If any of you are from Liverpool could you suggest me places to go/shop??

The L'Oreal Caress lip balms have been so raved about that I intend to get my mittens on a few as soon as I find a Boots. My favourite colours seem to be 1. impulsive fuschia 2. rock'n'mauve 3. dating coral.
4. The colour tattoo 24H eye studio eyeshadows... I really want the bronzy-coloured one
5. Mac's paint pot in Groundwork
6. Models Own nail varnish in Ibiza Mix is such a lovely complement to any summer look, doing an amazing job as a top-coat
7.If I find there any salon that sells these I'll be jumping around, these looking such a great fun thing to do in summer, and the best part is that they're wash-out !
8. John Freida's Go Blonder spray, which I've wanted ever since the bottle that my sister left behind finished. Now my hair looks almost ombred... but that was not the look I was going for !
9. I've also heard that there are a few Alexander Mqueen's skulled scarves wondering around (in Topshop... maybe?) and I'm going to have my eyes wide open to see if I can find one!!

I have a really big test yesterday so I'm sorry for not posting as much. Just had a study break to post this :)

Thank you so much for reading, commenting and following **
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Saturday, 14 April 2012

H&M Green Street

   So, I bought this a while ago in H&M just because I ADORED the colour. It was perfect and I couldn't find it anywhere else, although I thought that the price was way to much for a varnish (think it was about 3,95 or 2,95euros).

But oh well, the bottle is just absolutely gorgeous (with the golden cap and the pink letters... love it!!) and it applies amazingly!! It's really easy and the brush is actually quite good.

The best thing about it is that it lasts really long. Seriously, about twice as much as other nail varnishes!!

Finally, aside from the name being extremely appealing, its quite good because I get 24mg which means 16ml and that's quite a lot, compared to the 5 or 8 ml ones I usually buy (the essence ones).

This week I've been studying for my test so sorry for not posting as much. Lots of love :) 
Thank you for reading, commenting and following :3

Thursday, 12 April 2012

A bit of a contrast - Eyes of the day 6th April

Claire's Pallete - lightest colour
Maybeline NY's quad - browny colour 
H&M liquid linner
Maybeline NY's One by One mascara

Thought about doing a face of the day but I really didn't use any face make up... just did my eyes. I've been watching Gossip Girl and got really inspired by Serena's looks (sadly couldn't get a hold of an illustrative picture but if you've seen season 5 you'll know what I mean). My hair looked a bit  off but... you get the point.

Thank you for reading, commenting and following !! 

Monday, 9 April 2012


   I know I'm posting this a bit too late but I really wanted to post my outfit for Easter and hope everyone has had a magnificient time and eaten a LOT of chocolate bunnies

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Recent Purchase

   I think I should definitely start doing collective hauls because on Wednesday I went to Leiria to shop and I'd had these feather earrings in my mind for a while and on Thursday I succumbed and bought them in my home town... So, I'm thinking, instead of doing individual posts on things I buy just round them up and do some collective hauls because that's basically what's going to happen from now on - I'll buy one or two things every time I go shopping and shop more often. I'm blabbing. sorry.
   Here are the earrings... they stole my heart!! Would you like me to do an outfit of the day using them??

   I'll admit, I'm quite unsure on what kind of outfit I'll be using them but they're so lovely, ethnic and summery I just fell in love with them and because they're bright electric blue the stand out perfectly from my hair colour besides from being extremely comfortable and light (on weight) !!

Thank you so much for reading commenting and following :)

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Essence colour & go ♥

This time I'll try something new... in video form!! This varnish's amazing hollocromatic colour works best it showed in movement so... there we go :)

(at the end you can hear a car on the street... sorry 'bout that)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

mini mini haul :)

On Wednesday I spend about half of my day in a shopping trip with my aunt and these were the purchases that were made !

Both from Zara, the blouse/tshirt is this beautiful corally colour that I adored right away and although it needs something to go underneeth it because it's so transparent ( 12,95euros). The skirt is simple short and black, firstly I didn't think of bringing it but I'd wanted one like this forerver and I just knew that I'd never find another one so soon, so I went back there and got it (also, 12,95euros) and I don't think I made a mistake....
what do you think??

Thank you for reading, commenting and following :)

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

OOTD - April 3rd

I went out on a casual walk with my mom and went for a coffee with my aunt today so I thought I'd do an OOTD  :) ps. it's going up tomorrow

Jacket - H&M
Scarf - Benneton
Shirt - Zara... or H&M
Shoes - local shop - 30euros
Eyes: Garnier roll-on anti-dark circles, light ( for a primer ), Maybeline NY EyeStudio quad colours 1 and 3, Liquid Eyeliner by H&M, Mascara Volumizer Bourjois 2 in 1 in brown
Lips: Oriflame Dazzling Cherry

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My hair care routine

   With the grey weather not helping my intentions of doing OOTD posts, I had to get a bit more inventive and thought about doing reviews - which are more of praises - on the products that I use on my hair on a regular basis.
   Meanwhile, my camera started acting out and turns out my memory card 1) was locked and 2) needed to be formatted. Have you ever formatted your mem card?? You should, otherwise you might end up with a problematic situation between your hands!
   Anyhow, my hair care routine is very simple, there are three products I'll be raving about: the La Roche-Posay "green" Kerium shampoo, the Bed Head Dumb Blonde conditioner/reconstructor and the Bed Head Ego Boost split end mender.

    I wash my hair about 2 or 3 times a week with the La Roche-Posay "green" Kerium shampoo, I get it at the pharmacy because I have a scalp condition and throughout the years I've found that this is the best product I can use on it. This shampoo is part of a two-phased treatment, which alternates with other one when my scalp has a breakout.

    Next, while I'm shavin' and all that jazz, I use the Bed Head Dumb Blonde conditioner/ reconstructor. This has changed the health of my hair completely!! Combined with the split-end mender this product has saved my hair and accomplished my dream of having it long!! I'd tried soooo many products you don´t even imagine, but I've found this one and it's simply amazing.
   Although it says "for after highlights, for chemically treated hair" and I have neither highlights nor chemically treated hair, I don't feel that it is too much for my hair, in fact, I can hardly believe it would take very long without it. ( the silver coating of the package has faded ...)

   Finally, on a daily  basis I use the Bed Head Ego Boost split end mender as a serum, in the morning and before going to bed... and whenever I leave home. For my hair length I use about half to one pomp and how does it work? it basically glues your split ends together... it's not permanent but helps your hair from looking dead and ill, making it look a bit healthier.


   On a final note: Both these products were much cheaper than the ones I was using before and, as well as proved much better, they also lasted me very very long, I've had them both since about October 2011 and as you can see by the picts I've barely used half.

Thank you soo much for reading, commenting and following!!  

Sunday, 1 April 2012

OOTD - March 25th

   As soon as I decided I wanted to start blogging again I knew I wanted to post my current outfit of the day. Nevertheless when I got back home it was dark and thanks to the awfull lighting in my room I wasn't able to take any decent picts.
   Anyhow, I stumbled across some picts of a Sunday trip to Batalha's Monastery and thought I could use some on a post !!

so here we goo <3

Blouse - 22,95 euros - Zara
T-shirt  and cardigan - too old, don´t remember :p
Shoes - about 30 euros in a local shop
Whatch - Parfois (see old post)
Sunglasses - Parfois 17,50euros (on sale)

All there is to say is that I'm back and I'll try to post more often :DD Thank you for readding, commenting and following !!! ^-^

update!!! #3

   Guys I'm so so sorry 'bout not posting anything for sooo long. I'm trully sorry. Blogging is something I honestly enjoy and makes me so happy to see the views !!
   So, the thing is... Uni got the best of me. I was completelly domined by it and it made me have no time or inspiration for writting but with Easter vacation I'm missing it so much!!
   Also, I'm trying to get my driving licence which in Portugal means I have to get classes with this sort of teacher and have an exam when I'm ready. And I suck. Seriuously, I'm a danger and by this time I should be quite good, which I'm just not.
   Anyway, I'm back and I'll post something fashoin-y in a while because I did a bit of shopping lately.

I don't really know if anyone still reads or follows me but... pretty sure I'm back!!