Sunday, 16 October 2011

Comparing eyeliners (Bourjois and Essence)

Just realised I had a draft of this post so I'll just post it because I have the time !

The first time I thought about doing this post, I thought of doing it as a sort of  "do not buy this" post but in the process of taking pictures I realised it's not that bad... they're just different.

Firstly I bought the Boujois one 

It's a felt tip sort of liquid eyelinner and I was madly in love with it, it's seriously amazing, it's extremelly black and definitly long-lasting

But the tip started to "die" on me so, I thought I'd get another one and at the time I'd just bought my first essence varnish so I decided to try the essence liquid linner 

The thing about this product is: it's perfect for school but not at all for going out. My point being, the colour is not as black, has intense as the Bourjois one and it definitly lasts a lot less!! it sort of rubs out with time and sweat and... I don't really know

These are the swatches. The top one being Bourjois and the bottom one being essence. This pictures don't really translate how much more black and opaque the Bourjois one is, at all!!!

So, there you have it. If you want something more longlasting and intense, out of these two products go for the Bourjois one, if you'd rather something more "soft" go for the essence one !

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update #2

This week as been much better!! Althought I'm here to appolagize for the ├žack of bloggage... once more, but this week was hard but priceless... If you don't know portuguese hazing you might not understand but we have some really fun(ny) traditions about uni!! Anyway, everyday I fell a little bit more settled in my new home and am considerating going out for some shopping this week ! If you'd like I can show you guys some picts of my hazing weeks (2!!) and I'll post a haul as soon as I can!! 

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Saturday, 8 October 2011


Today I'm not going to be posting anything really interesting but... I just want to share my week with you. If you don´t care about my nightmare days than don't read this.
As some of you might know I went away for uni and ... what i'll be doing is coming back home on the weekends ( it's about 1h45 of a train ride). 
Nevertheless, universe/faith had to screw everything up: I was supposed to have the first of ALL my classes on friday but on thursday I got really ill and I had a urinary infection so I had to come home (thursday night) and started on antibiotics yesterday... My heart was broken because I couldn't attend my first day of real classes... I was in so much pain but I really wanted to cry because I was going to miss my classes... Anyway I HAD to come home that day because by 3p.m. I was fevering and in so much pain I couldn´t pay attention to anything that was going on...
To top everything, I packed in such a rush that I forgot my phone's charger and my laptop's charger. So sad.
Yeah. It was crap.

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Monday, 3 October 2011

My gorgeous watch

This is going to be a tiny tiny post just because I was just walking through the mall and I saw this watch on the window of Parfois and I just... couldn't resist. Anyway, I'm not used to use a watch but I think it'll be bery needed in my (new) uni life. 

That's what it looks like and I fell in love with it!!!

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

OOTD - 29th Sept

Theses aren't dots... but it isn't blue leopard print either !


Dress - H&M
Belt - Topshop... or Primark, not sure
Turquoise Ring - Algarve's street seller
Golden Ring - Claire's
Bird Earrings - H&M (the other earrings are the one's I got when I did those piercings... in August)
Necklace - gift

Just in a quick note, this OOTD was posted quite late because Monday I'll be starting uni, which means I'll be moving 170km (about 106miles) away from home and this week I've been taking care of everything. Taking from my timetable this week, I'll probably not be able to post as frequently or at all... So that's the why behing the future lack of bloggage...

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