Thursday, 29 September 2011

Bourjois Paris - Compact powder

I bought this as... a powder but the colour (74 Albricot) is REALY wrong for my skin colour so while everyone was getting tanned I was just abusing on this product as a bronzer so I wouldn't look gothy or... dead

The package is absolutly gorgeous with the pink detail ...

It comes with a sponge which is just... horrible to apply the product but nobody cares about that do we? we have our brushes!!

As you can see in the swatch waayyyy too dark for me ( I also use it as an eyeshadow sometimes). It's very matte, not shimmery at all, lovely as a bronzer, great for contouring!

I'm sorry if I'm going insane with the reviews because I'd love to show you some outfits but the thing is... here the summer is just not going away!!!! Until the 8th of October we have temperatures of 31C (about 88F) which is driving me mad because I want cool weather!!!

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish duper??!

One day I was stroling along a drugstore and I came to find this on the SALE rack...

It caught my eye... and when I opened it ...

The first thing that crossed my mind was...

Yes. Mac Mineralize Skinfinish !! You have to admit they are really looked like !! And althoght I've never even swatched a«the Mac product, the Essence one is simply amazing. It's really versatile and can be used not only as an eyeshadow (it's original purpose) as you can see by the packaging but also as a bronzer or even just to add a little bit of sparkle to your look

It's both shimmery and sparkly... the sparkles really stand out in the sun or under bright lights. Has quite a lot of product too ( for an eyeshadow, at least)

Here are a few swatches

Lets just admit it: everybody loves a good multiuse product and a super cheap (about  or 3euros) alternative to another product!!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Quick Tip

I've been quite tied up about Uni but all mt friends have started classes today and my school (uni) only does a week from today so... a lot of bloggage is going to be going on !!

This might come as strange but these are my daily steps in terms of my eyebrows. I have quite full and rebel eyebrows so all I do is:

I don't like to trow things away so I use an old mascara wand (properly clean) to groom my eyebrows

Then, in order for them to hold throughout the day I apply a sheer lipgloss. Maybe groom them once more, just to get everything in place and that's that!!

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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Huge massive EPIC Haul - Fall 2011

So... as promised here we are!! The thing about me is... I can't deal with portuguese sales because I get to stores and there's a MASSIVE pile of clothing and I just feel like
Therefore what I do is: I make a list of what I want and will need and then hunt the new collection for a few pieces that will make my wordrobe just.. nicer and adapts it to the current year and my current style. 

Here we go!!

 The first thing is from a store called Balvera and it's a Channel Le Crayon Khôl in colour 69 Claire. And I didn't buy this just because it was number 69. Legit. It was on sale so I got it for 13€ which I thought it was quite good for a brand khôl pencil and it's the perfect colour to line my waterline in order to make me look more awake which I'll probably need since I'm on to my first year of uni.

Here's the swatch. It's  almost transparent on my skin but that's what makes it amazing.
As my mom spent a but-load of money on their Dior moistorising they gave us some samples. These are mine.

Next I got this jacket from Naf-Naf (99 -30 =69€ )which was my naughty purchase but... It looks amazing, it's really soft and warm and cosy. I usually buy a coat each year because... I love my coats and when it comes to winter... that's about 70% of what people see so... I tottaly invest on them.

I'd also like to point out it's beautiful detailling... 

On with the rest...

Instantly I fell in love with this scarf. The colour is sooo retro-vintagy I kew I gad to have it. Everuthing in this picture is from H&M. Feel like I should state the reason behind me buying 2 pairs of gloves when it's still September... my hands get SO cold!!
 4pairs of socks - about 3/4€ 
scarf - about 8
2pairs of gloves - 4/5

Big confy knitted shirt - Zara about... 39€? maybe... it seems a lot but I think everything is getting really expensive and... it's knitted and it'll work as a sort of jacket/coat so it's ok :)
jeggings - Unighted Colours of Benneton - they look like jeans but streatch so they feel like leggings! love them so much I'm gonna be living in it! payed about 17€ because I was exchanging this pair of leggings abut originally it was about... 36

Feel like i've been talking wayyyy too much about each piece so am just going to show everything now:

 Zara - 8€ (necklace)

Zara - 20

Zara - 17

H&M - 20

I don't know what more to say really so... hope someone reads and enjoys my haul!!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Black "Hauls" and Revelations - 20th Sept OOTD

REVELATION!!! I wear glasses!!!

Blouse: Zara
Black shirt: Zara
Jeggings: H&M
Ring: local street salesman
Necklace: Cache-Cache

I'm sure most of you are curious about the title and my reason for choosing it is... the revelation is just the fact that I use glasses and soon I'll be posting a big autumn haul!!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Claire's Browns and Nudes Pallete

I feel like raving about this product because it's just what I'd been looking for for ages and ever since I bought it I've been using it almost every single day. It's brilliant!! I was walking throught Claire's lookin for gifts and when  I saw this beauty I knew I HAD to get it!!

Much like anything at Claire's the "stamp" is rubbing off quite quickly, I've only had it for... 1 or 2 months!

The colours are very neutral but all have a little bit of shimmer that makes them special and attractive. The pallete has one row of more light colours and one with darker ones. It's very easy to combine them and it's just perfect for creasing and to combine them in general.

It came with a double applicator which sort of is completely irrelevant because I do load them to apply my eyeshadow.

Must Swatch now :) My swatches are a bit messy so I splatted numbers on top of my pictures :p

As you can see they all look soooo god!!! ( for that matter number 8 looks a bit more brown than the puply colour it's showing).

The end

Saturday, 17 September 2011

What's in My Bag??!

Hiii!!! I've reached this point when I simply don't know what to post about... So many ideas and so little will to execute them!! So, here we go! I love whatching "what's in my bag" videos so I thought about doing one in "blog post mode".
 I am also following more and more blogs everyday now and look forward to be part of this beauty-blogging community that seems sooooo incredibly nice !!

This is the bag I'm using right now... the most at least.

It was about 30reduced to 17,50€ in Parfois. I love it SO much!! it's very vintagy and ever since Iboght it I have been using it almost non-stop !! 

Now the fun part! When we open it it looks like this...

It's so tidy!! And the material is quite stiff so it's incredibly easy too keep organised and makes it so easy for me to find anything in it, as long as I know in which "compartiment" I have what I am looking for. Ok so our tou is devided into 3 sections: the ones on the bag. In the first compartiment we haveeee...

Ohhh how boring is that?! Two little purses and my house keys!! The Mango little thing is where I keep all my unnecessary cards such as membership cards that all stores sort of always want to shove down your throat, it came with the perfume "Lady Rebel by Mango" which was a Christmas present. The other brown one is... from Parfois (yes Parfois freak) in which I keep everything I need daily and also my money !! (was about 5€ by the way)

On the middle pocket (the coolest one) I havee....

What must call your attention first is the "Hirudoid" cream which is meant for bruses... I am veryyy clumsy and recently had a pretty big fall so I carry it around to put on my bruises so they can heal faster and I don't look like someone abuses me. Then we have my maxi-sunglasses which I adooore and have had for more than 2years now ( about 130€ on Multiopticas). Next, I have lipbalm and hand-desinfectant: the lipbalm is Avène and has SFP30 (about 2€ in a superdrug) the hand-desinfectant is just... I don't even know. Tissues and a cute blue ruber band which I sometimes have on my wrist but when I wear bracelets I tend to take it off.


Two  notepads and a pen! OMG how boring right?! 

And no, I do not carry make-up around with me because it is SUMMER it's blistering hot outside and I'm too afraid my make-up is going to go bad!!

And that's it. Hope someone reads this and likes it!! 

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Maybeline NY Volume Express Turbo Boost Waterproof mascara

Sooo .... Hi Guys??! Nobody really reads me haha!! I've always wanted to do this review because when I bought it I just wanted something cheap and waterproof.

At first sight I really did not think much of it. The wand is really standard and the final result doesn't give me either a lot of volume or length. Even the wand seemed quite ordinary.

 But something I always enjoyed about this mascara was the "natural" effect it has because it really doesn't clump my lashes at all.

  Yes, I have freckles and my eyebrows are terribly uneven...

This is the result with the "Turbo Boost"

One day I decided to combine it with the Maybeline NY "Falsies" because even though I really love this last one I thoght it clumped my lashes a lot... And magic happened!!

It looks soooo much better!! The "Falsies" gives me everything "Turbo Boost" doesn't and for me, these two mascaras combined are almost perfect!! Of course I've tryied using it under other mascaras and until now it's been working wonders for me and my lashes!

If you're on the hunt to try to get less clumpy lashes this is my advice. Just because it works for me, doesn't really mean it will work for you, I warn you... But if you want to trust me...Give it a go!!