Sunday, 16 October 2011

Comparing eyeliners (Bourjois and Essence)

Just realised I had a draft of this post so I'll just post it because I have the time !

The first time I thought about doing this post, I thought of doing it as a sort of  "do not buy this" post but in the process of taking pictures I realised it's not that bad... they're just different.

Firstly I bought the Boujois one 

It's a felt tip sort of liquid eyelinner and I was madly in love with it, it's seriously amazing, it's extremelly black and definitly long-lasting

But the tip started to "die" on me so, I thought I'd get another one and at the time I'd just bought my first essence varnish so I decided to try the essence liquid linner 

The thing about this product is: it's perfect for school but not at all for going out. My point being, the colour is not as black, has intense as the Bourjois one and it definitly lasts a lot less!! it sort of rubs out with time and sweat and... I don't really know

These are the swatches. The top one being Bourjois and the bottom one being essence. This pictures don't really translate how much more black and opaque the Bourjois one is, at all!!!

So, there you have it. If you want something more longlasting and intense, out of these two products go for the Bourjois one, if you'd rather something more "soft" go for the essence one !

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update #2

This week as been much better!! Althought I'm here to appolagize for the çack of bloggage... once more, but this week was hard but priceless... If you don't know portuguese hazing you might not understand but we have some really fun(ny) traditions about uni!! Anyway, everyday I fell a little bit more settled in my new home and am considerating going out for some shopping this week ! If you'd like I can show you guys some picts of my hazing weeks (2!!) and I'll post a haul as soon as I can!! 

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Saturday, 8 October 2011


Today I'm not going to be posting anything really interesting but... I just want to share my week with you. If you don´t care about my nightmare days than don't read this.
As some of you might know I went away for uni and ... what i'll be doing is coming back home on the weekends ( it's about 1h45 of a train ride). 
Nevertheless, universe/faith had to screw everything up: I was supposed to have the first of ALL my classes on friday but on thursday I got really ill and I had a urinary infection so I had to come home (thursday night) and started on antibiotics yesterday... My heart was broken because I couldn't attend my first day of real classes... I was in so much pain but I really wanted to cry because I was going to miss my classes... Anyway I HAD to come home that day because by 3p.m. I was fevering and in so much pain I couldn´t pay attention to anything that was going on...
To top everything, I packed in such a rush that I forgot my phone's charger and my laptop's charger. So sad.
Yeah. It was crap.

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Monday, 3 October 2011

My gorgeous watch

This is going to be a tiny tiny post just because I was just walking through the mall and I saw this watch on the window of Parfois and I just... couldn't resist. Anyway, I'm not used to use a watch but I think it'll be bery needed in my (new) uni life. 

That's what it looks like and I fell in love with it!!!

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

OOTD - 29th Sept

Theses aren't dots... but it isn't blue leopard print either !


Dress - H&M
Belt - Topshop... or Primark, not sure
Turquoise Ring - Algarve's street seller
Golden Ring - Claire's
Bird Earrings - H&M (the other earrings are the one's I got when I did those piercings... in August)
Necklace - gift

Just in a quick note, this OOTD was posted quite late because Monday I'll be starting uni, which means I'll be moving 170km (about 106miles) away from home and this week I've been taking care of everything. Taking from my timetable this week, I'll probably not be able to post as frequently or at all... So that's the why behing the future lack of bloggage...

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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Bourjois Paris - Compact powder

I bought this as... a powder but the colour (74 Albricot) is REALY wrong for my skin colour so while everyone was getting tanned I was just abusing on this product as a bronzer so I wouldn't look gothy or... dead

The package is absolutly gorgeous with the pink detail ...

It comes with a sponge which is just... horrible to apply the product but nobody cares about that do we? we have our brushes!!

As you can see in the swatch waayyyy too dark for me ( I also use it as an eyeshadow sometimes). It's very matte, not shimmery at all, lovely as a bronzer, great for contouring!

I'm sorry if I'm going insane with the reviews because I'd love to show you some outfits but the thing is... here the summer is just not going away!!!! Until the 8th of October we have temperatures of 31C (about 88F) which is driving me mad because I want cool weather!!!

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish duper??!

One day I was stroling along a drugstore and I came to find this on the SALE rack...

It caught my eye... and when I opened it ...

The first thing that crossed my mind was...

Yes. Mac Mineralize Skinfinish !! You have to admit they are really looked like !! And althoght I've never even swatched a«the Mac product, the Essence one is simply amazing. It's really versatile and can be used not only as an eyeshadow (it's original purpose) as you can see by the packaging but also as a bronzer or even just to add a little bit of sparkle to your look

It's both shimmery and sparkly... the sparkles really stand out in the sun or under bright lights. Has quite a lot of product too ( for an eyeshadow, at least)

Here are a few swatches

Lets just admit it: everybody loves a good multiuse product and a super cheap (about  or 3euros) alternative to another product!!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Quick Tip

I've been quite tied up about Uni but all mt friends have started classes today and my school (uni) only does a week from today so... a lot of bloggage is going to be going on !!

This might come as strange but these are my daily steps in terms of my eyebrows. I have quite full and rebel eyebrows so all I do is:

I don't like to trow things away so I use an old mascara wand (properly clean) to groom my eyebrows

Then, in order for them to hold throughout the day I apply a sheer lipgloss. Maybe groom them once more, just to get everything in place and that's that!!

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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Huge massive EPIC Haul - Fall 2011

So... as promised here we are!! The thing about me is... I can't deal with portuguese sales because I get to stores and there's a MASSIVE pile of clothing and I just feel like
Therefore what I do is: I make a list of what I want and will need and then hunt the new collection for a few pieces that will make my wordrobe just.. nicer and adapts it to the current year and my current style. 

Here we go!!

 The first thing is from a store called Balvera and it's a Channel Le Crayon Khôl in colour 69 Claire. And I didn't buy this just because it was number 69. Legit. It was on sale so I got it for 13€ which I thought it was quite good for a brand khôl pencil and it's the perfect colour to line my waterline in order to make me look more awake which I'll probably need since I'm on to my first year of uni.

Here's the swatch. It's  almost transparent on my skin but that's what makes it amazing.
As my mom spent a but-load of money on their Dior moistorising they gave us some samples. These are mine.

Next I got this jacket from Naf-Naf (99 -30 =69€ )which was my naughty purchase but... It looks amazing, it's really soft and warm and cosy. I usually buy a coat each year because... I love my coats and when it comes to winter... that's about 70% of what people see so... I tottaly invest on them.

I'd also like to point out it's beautiful detailling... 

On with the rest...

Instantly I fell in love with this scarf. The colour is sooo retro-vintagy I kew I gad to have it. Everuthing in this picture is from H&M. Feel like I should state the reason behind me buying 2 pairs of gloves when it's still September... my hands get SO cold!!
 4pairs of socks - about 3/4€ 
scarf - about 8
2pairs of gloves - 4/5

Big confy knitted shirt - Zara about... 39€? maybe... it seems a lot but I think everything is getting really expensive and... it's knitted and it'll work as a sort of jacket/coat so it's ok :)
jeggings - Unighted Colours of Benneton - they look like jeans but streatch so they feel like leggings! love them so much I'm gonna be living in it! payed about 17€ because I was exchanging this pair of leggings abut originally it was about... 36

Feel like i've been talking wayyyy too much about each piece so am just going to show everything now:

 Zara - 8€ (necklace)

Zara - 20

Zara - 17

H&M - 20

I don't know what more to say really so... hope someone reads and enjoys my haul!!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Black "Hauls" and Revelations - 20th Sept OOTD

REVELATION!!! I wear glasses!!!

Blouse: Zara
Black shirt: Zara
Jeggings: H&M
Ring: local street salesman
Necklace: Cache-Cache

I'm sure most of you are curious about the title and my reason for choosing it is... the revelation is just the fact that I use glasses and soon I'll be posting a big autumn haul!!