Sunday, 20 January 2013

My cravings ...

         I know it's just been Christmas and I really should've asked for every pricey icon beauty product that I'd been wanting... But I didn´t. Reason is, I really didn´t want them as bad before!! I really can't explain this, but basically, as I've seen all the "what I got for Christmas" videos I was like "ooooh!! I should've asked for that!!"
        Anyway, I did get myself an iconic beauty product that I bought with my Christmas money, which was the Naked2 Palete from Urban Decay and I'm immensely in love with it. But I still have some cravings !

#1  Yes. I'm craving the real techniques core collection !! Everyone keeps raving about it and, after some research I've found that they are really not that expensive compared to other brushes out on the market ( the price was one of the main reason I've gone off them anyway). 18$

#2 Okay, as we are talking about it, the real techniques stippling brush is also a great candidate to my heart as I've not purchased a good foundation brush, because I'm currently using my beauty blender or just my trusty fingers and I really want to give this a go!! 10$

#3 okay okay, I'll promise this is the last one!! I feel attracted to this one just because it looks perf to contour my face and although I have an angled one from Oriflame which I use... but it does seem too big for my face at times do maybe this will be a good alternative! 8$

 I'd love to make myself a MAC quad, and the four colours I'd deff include would be #4 Satin Taupe

#5 Naked lunch

#6 Omega, and....

#7 Patina. I think all these colours would look really good just all over the lid or combined with each other, they're really nice neutrals that I wouldn't get tired of, justifying the price !!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Update - Why I've been MIA

        hello!! It's been a real long time since I've posted... basicly I've gone under for exams and summer and recently I've taken up doing makeup tutorial kind of videos on youtube and I've been loving it. I love the edditing process and to be honest, for me edditing videos is a lot easier than meddling around with the blog hahah :)
   I'm not really sure as to weather I'll keep the blog as an addition to the youtube chanel, I have not decided yet. In the mean time I've been sharing my videos here, just in case anyone still reads me !

And that's all for now ! Thanks for reading !! :)

Cut Crease Makeup Look

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

H&M wish-list

001. If you read my April's favourites post you'll know I'm currently using my Maybeline NY One by One which unfortunately is not working very well for me because it just clumps like crazy. With that on my mind I'm dying to try the H&M one, not only but also because it's so inexpensive. Have you ever tried it?? What did you think??
002. My last eyelash curler just fell apart a few months ago and I havn´t gotten around to replace it but I'm definitely thinking of buying this one to do so.
003. I was in H&M this weekend but was in a rush and couldn't pick up these. While I was at the cashier I also saw that are now in stores these really cute nail polishes for 95cents each and there was this gorgeous colour which I'm thinking about going back to buy. There were also some gorgeous lipglosses (I'm not a massive fan of lip glosses... but they were so pretty!!) at 95cents each. I can't stop thinking about them....

This was a rather small post but if I'd included these in the previous wish-list it'd have been huge and anyways I was hoping to see the glosses and the varnishes on the website so you guys could take a look but I just couldn't find it, most likely because they're fairly new.

Lots of Love   xxxxx